Automated First Layer Cal Temps 'Baked' In - No Way to Change!

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Automated First Layer Cal Temps 'Baked' In - No Way to Change!

Post by paynterf » Sat Jul 24, 2021 7:38 pm

The M3-ID control panel has a very nice 'First Layer Cal' feature, but there are only two available extruder/bed temp settings, and they are NOT adjustable - they are somehow 'baked into' the firmware

There is a 'Settings' page on the Octoprint server that allows you to adjust the temps for PLA and ABS, and add more filament types, as shown in the following screenshot, but these settings aren't used for the automatic 'first layer calibration'.

You can also control the PLA/ABS temp settings from the Control page, and added filament temp settings show up when you click on the caret to bring up the selection list, but these aren't used either. No matter what you do, the first layer cal routine will not proceed until/unless the extruder/bed temps are the ones baked into the firmware.

Any way this can be changed so we can use other extruder/bed temp combinations so we don't have to change out filaments just to do a first layer cal?


Screenshot 2021-07-24 143027.jpg

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