M3-ID trying to print on wrong toolhead

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M3-ID trying to print on wrong toolhead

Post by paynterf » Sat Apr 04, 2020 8:47 pm


I'm using S3D to slice, using the stock M3-ID Rev1 PETG profile, with 'Single Mode - Right Extruder (T1)' selected. When the model is sliced, the S3D preview screen shows all layers being printed with Tool1. However, when I upload the file to the printer via the web interface, the right (T1) extruder heats up, but all the move and print commands are being directed to Tool 0 (right). This results in a flood of 'cold extrusion' warnings which forces me to power cycle the printer to regain control (I can't shut the printer down using the web interface due to the flood of warnings).

Edit: I also just checked using the web interface, and manual X/Y movement commands to Tool1 do indeed move the correct (right-hand) head
I was just printing successfully with Tool 1 yesterday - WTF?


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Re: M3-ID trying to print on wrong toolhead

Post by mgodsey » Tue Apr 21, 2020 1:20 am

"stock" PETG profile?
" stock M3-ID Rev1 PETG profile" - where did you get this from? My new M3-ID with all the downloaded profiles for S3D doesn't have any PETG profile. I know temps are similar to ABS but not the same. So wondering if you modified a stock profile for your PETG material?

As to why this suddenly started using T0 to print, though still heating T1, that is really odd if you didn't change anything at all from when you were successfully printing. IF you are sure you did nothing different, that's a puzzle for sure. Be curious what you find!

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