M2 Operator Bulletins - updated 10/18/14

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M2 Operator Bulletins - updated 10/18/14

Post by rpollack » Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:48 pm

Inspect your machine periodically for any wear, particularly wear related to wiring. Harnesses flex and the wires will wear over time.

Specific Recommendations:

Heated Build Plate (HBP) Wiring: There is a small piece of loom that wraps the last few inches of the HBP harness near the HBP. Periodically remove this piece of loom and inspect the wiring underneath. The more frequently you run your machine the more frequently you should inspect it. This piece of loom is not required for machine operation, it is there to protect the wiring. However, the loom can increase the wear to the wiring it is intended to protect. You can safely operate your machine with the small piece of loom removed. This will will expose the red connector, HBP and thermistor wiring. If you run your M2 frequently, we recommend removing the piece of loom so the HBP wire has more freedom to flex. If there is wear to the wiring, contact us for replacement or warranty parts.

On M2s with dual power supplies there have been occurrences where the connector for the heated bed has been damaged or melted. Please periodically inspect the HBP connectors where they plug into the electronics and be sure the connector is fully engaged. If you see any discoloration or distortion please contact us for replacement parts. We recommend retrofitting dual power supply M2s to a single 24v supply.