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Any idea why this is happening? Weak prints/structure

Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2020 7:46 pm
by jmro
My prints are all coming out like this. It seems that the infill is not filling in all the way. Like it's not connecting to the filament below it in places. Very weak and brittle.

Also on the very last part of the print it seems to go down and dig into the print and make a hole and then pull it up. This is new and has only been happening the last 2-3 prints.

I've slowed down the printing speed a lot and increased the infill to 50% on this print pictured and its still happening.

My filament is pretty old. I would say it was bought anywhere between 2015-2017. Could old filament be the culprit? Although I had some success a month ago with a couple prints, so may not. Do I need to increase the extrusion temperature?