Single extruder print causes extruder collision

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Single extruder print causes extruder collision

Post by paynterf » Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:24 am


I just tried to print a small 20mm calibration cube using my brand-new M3 ID, using my licensed copy of S3D and the M3 ID profiles from Makergear. I uploaded the gcode the Octoprint server and started the print.

At first the printer didn't want to start at all, and eventually produced a 'probe failure' error. I cancelled and restarted the print, and this time the left (unused) extruder probed the print bed as if it were going to do the print, instead of the right one. After probing the bed, the two extruder assemblies collided with each other (not sure which collided with which) and made a lot of noise. Then I got a 'cold extrusion prevented' error, so of course I quickly cancelled the print (again!)


WTF?? This was a very simple model, using the Makergear supplied profile, so now I'm not at all sure what's going on. Any pointers or information would be appreciated.



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Re: Single extruder print causes extruder collision

Post by cjlyth » Tue May 19, 2020 12:49 am

I'm assuming you got around this issue. I ran into something similar I think, although your images are dead so I can't be sure. It seems the "right only" profile in S3D just doesn't work. That is also the default so when I try printing using the default settings, one head just grinds into the other head. This seems like a very bad design. When I set it up explicitly to use left only, things work ok.

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Re: Single extruder print causes extruder collision

Post by jk42 » Tue May 19, 2020 4:33 pm

Typically, collisions happen if the FFF settings are set improperly. This can sometimes happen by accident sometimes.
If you're switching between settings and make modifications, you can sometimes accidentally save settings and not realize it.
Send me an email a Include the gcode in question and I'll take a look.
~Jason from MakerGear

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