Glass Bed

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Glass Bed

Post by Belacnotlaw » Tue Dec 15, 2020 8:18 am

Hello Everyone, New to the forum and I'm looking forward to your help

So my company has purchased a "Makergear Ultra one". Unfortunately both me and my colleague have no previous experience with 3D printing but are willing to learn. We decide that here is the best place to ask questions.

First question, the glass beds. Probably an obvious one but cant find the answer online, we have received our glass beds but with a protective plastic film on them. I'm saying to peel them off but my colleague is hesitant. What is the correct approach for this.

Second question is regarding pausing and resuming mid print. Once again something that might seem obvious but not clearly documented for this machine. So we can do the basic of pausing the machine, retracting the hotend from the print and the resume. What we wish to know is how to handle for example a 12 hour print. How can we pause, move the hotend, Powerdown the machine and then return the next day and resume our print.

once again apologies for basic questions but we all started somewhere. Also the Information for the Ultraone online is very limited.

Thanks again

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Re: Glass Bed

Post by Bioluminous » Tue Feb 02, 2021 7:10 am

The yellow coating on the glass is meant to stay in place. It helps with adhesion and is also replaceable once it gets damaged. I don’t know if they make sheets or rolls wide enough for this printer though. You can also print on other bed types. It’s common to switch to a magnetic, flexible, textured build plate. Again, not sure if they make one for this size.

This printer would not be able to resume a print after shutdown as far as I know. Stopping a very long print is not advisable because even if the printer had the ability to start where it left off the bed would cool and the print would likely detach. You can monitor the printer offsite through octoprint though, so that might be an option for you.

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