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Any Setup Required to Use Pronterface?

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2022 2:46 pm
by Gwhite
I want to start using Pronterface to control my printer for things like filaments changes. I've given up on Simplify3D being a viable option in the long run.

Are there are printer specific configuration settings I need to be aware of to use Pronterface with my M2E? I thing MakerGear supplied Pronterface with the machine, but I don't know if they provided it with any configuration settings. I suppose I could check the SD card that came with my machine, but it's 5 years old and I'd like to work with the latest version.


Re: Any Setup Required to Use Pronterface?

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2022 10:45 pm
by Gwhite
I now have Pronterface up & running, and talking to my printer. I've set the build volume to match the M2E, and I've tweaked the feed rates to the ones I use in S3D. I've verified that all the XY&Z commands move in the right direction.

That's about all I need for my immediate purposes. However, I'd like to make sure I have it fully configured so I can do more advanced things in the future. Under Settings - Options - Settings, the entries I'm not sure about are the home positions, and the Z offset.

I'm pretty sure the X&Y home positions are at zero, which is the default. On the M2E, the Z-axis limit switch is with the bed at the bottom, which would be Z = +200 mm (I think). Is that what I need to enter in the "Z Home Pos." box?

The Z offset box is the last mystery. I know there is an offset set in the firmware so that a Z=0 command gets to the correct height. I assume that if Pronterface tells the bed to go to Z=0, the firmware offset is applied automatically, and it all works. Should I leave the offset = 0, or do I need to query the firmware and put the Z offset into Pronterface?