Spool Spindle for Repurposed Empty Spools....

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Spool Spindle for Repurposed Empty Spools....

Post by EricPeterson » Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:54 pm

Our tooling guy was tasked with finding a way to avoid having two people each on some of the production machinery when very long wire assemblies stream off. His idea was to use some of the many hundreds of empty Hatchbox spools we have lying around for work-in-progress buffers. He needed a spindle to which to mount the filament spools to a 34-frame stepper. Here it is. Presses onto a 1/2" shaft. Keys with the Hatchbox spool, which snaps in place. ABS. Yeah.... I got a little creative with the spokes. The beauty of additive machining is that complex shapes take very precious little more time than simple shapes, so it might as well be elegant and beautiful as well as functional.

Going to be good to find a use for the Tower of Spools....

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