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No Support

Post by AndyPost » Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:08 pm

Hey Thrill Seekers,
I'm printing a GoPro mount for my FPV with TPU It's pretty much a simple open rectangular box, but about halfway up there is an out crop that holds it onto the bird. I've specified to create support, but the print keeps coming out with none and that outcrop is REALLY crummy as a result.

The outcrop doesn't stick out very far, so I'm wondering if the software just doesn't think it's necessary. It's not even printing support for the screw holes that are in the sides of the vertical sides. I just printed a bunch of arm bumpers that needed support using the same profile (didn't even turn the machine off) and they worked just fine.

Regardless, how can I make sure it prints some support?

I also had my first test print come loose from the table. I have it set to 70C

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