No more walk away! M2 Secured!

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No more walk away! M2 Secured!

Post by spmahoney78 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:59 pm

Hey everyone, I want to share my success story from last night. I’m very pleased with myself for reading the forum and researching inspiration online and finally completed an easy, inexpensive and effective solution for vibration, walk away, and security (because why not). Went to Lowe’s and purchased 2 pieces of #8-32 x12” all thread and 3each #8 flat washer, lock washer, wing nut. Total cost about $8.

I have cheap 2nd hand tables for my maker space so it didn’t hurt me to lay painters tape under the edges of the M2 and use a sharpie to Mark the table next to the existing 4mm holes in the frame. Then a 5/32 drill bit (I sized up actually for a little extra clearance) cut thru the table top like butter, trying to keep the holes vertical. I cut the all thread into 6” lengths and bent 1/2” into a hook on one end with a vice and a hammer. Hook the hole in the M2 frame and slide the other end into table top, secure with washers and wing nut. Now I have 3point tie down and the force is applied straight down into the table thru the frame. It works great 👍, now I need to upgrade to the new 4point spider.

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