NierAutomata on the M3ID

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NierAutomata on the M3ID

Post by Explorer74 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:09 pm

This was my first big project on my M3ID printer. It is a statue of NierAutomata from the video game. It stands about 9" tall and was printed in 6 pieces. Print details: 0.2 mm layer height, white PLA for figure and white PLA + PVA for dense support. The PVA dense support allowed me to keep fine detail on the figure. Printing was on Kaptan with a 60 C heated bed. The 0 extruder had PLA at 195 C and the 1 extruder had PVA at 190 C. The tool change script was changed to drop the idle extruder down to 165 C to try to reduce oozing. This made for LONG print times and there was still a lot of oozing. Each piece ran 12 - 16 hours, so the whole thing took most of a week to print. The results came out quite nice. Next time though I will use BVOH instead of PVA. No oozing and no need to lower extruder temp when idle. (See report on BVOH in Filament section )
NierAutomata sm.jpg

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Re: NierAutomata on the M3ID

Post by rpollack » Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:13 pm

Looks great!!

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