Bravo MakerGear Support - a warm bed is good

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Bravo MakerGear Support - a warm bed is good

Post by jferguson » Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:25 pm

Recent great experience with MakerGear telephone support.
M2E bed quit heating. I opened the controller case and wiggled wires as well as measuring voltage when bed was intended to heat - not much. Checked blue fuse, it was ok. then I measured the bed resistance and got 3 ohms which seemed very low.

I called support, got Jason on line, and told him my story. 3 Ohms was OK, Fuse was ok, then he suggested that I reseat the connector on the end of the cable coming from the power supply. Yes, it was loose and when tightened problem went away.

the thing that's funny is that I was warming up (me not the bed) to buy a new bed and controller against the possibility that the bed was bad, had shorted out the controller so as to kill the bed heater circuit.

$170+$60+shipping. And of course this would have fixed it and I would never have noticed the not-tight-enough power connector.

Bravo, MakerGear

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